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Algorithmic Trading Training



  • Programming basics and working
  • Core Python 3 programming
  • Advance python programming¬†used in Algorithmic trading
  • Pandas and other python libraries, practical use of those.
  • Best software development practices.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Introduction to machine learning

Algorithmic Trading:

  • Algorithmic trading basics and types
  • Creation of technical indicators and other mathematical values from data
  • Best practices in Algorithm trading (Handle algos to avoid big losses)
  • kite python API in depth
  • Cloud basics (AWS, Azure)
  • Creation of virtual machine on cloud and installation of Software and Packages.
  • Full algorithm creation cycle
  • Live creation and trading of two algorithms and codes will be shared
  • Creation of back testing codes for your Algorithm.
  • Auto Login codes to automatically login in trading account to avoid daily login to start the Program.
  • Creation of symbols of future and option contracts automatically

Handover material:

  • All session videos to download for later reference
  • All codes including live algorithms developed for reference and use
  • Free Kite API Credentials worth 4K/Month will be provided during the training period to practice algorithm development on live data.
  • Free Generic Algorithmic Trading Framework Code:
    • Features:
      • Run Multiple scripts in parallel
      • Creation of future contracts symbols and getting their tokens automatically
      • Included most frequently used indicators
      • Ready to use (just change enter and exit conditions)
      • Risk proof (Risk involved like triggering and take trade multiple times)
      • Detects manually squared of positions
      • Live Telegram Updates of Algo performance and trade taken
      • Auto Squaring of trades at specified time for intraday positions




Training Mode:

  • 16 to 24 Live Sessions (Depend on pace) on zoom/meet/freeconfrencecall meetings
  • Will be Practical oriented course with regular assignments.
  • Classes will on weekend


What to Expect at end of the training?

  • you can expect to create your own trading algorithms on platforms like Zerodha kite, Upstox, Fyers, etc.